Screenshots to Explain Conversion Process

Snapshots of Software assists to understand the entire working procedure of tool efficiently. Step by stepworking process of Software is stated below:

Step 1

Download the Software and install it on machine properly. And click on Browse button as shown in the screen

Step 2

Now Select the NSF file and click on " Open " button to load the file in the Software.

Step 3

Click on second mentioned Browse option to locate Names.nsf file for the conversion of contacts

Step 4

Here choose names.nsf file & move further by clicking on Open tab

Step 5

Here the Software exhibits two options

  • Migrate Contacts into Single PST: To store all Notes contact into a distinct PST file check this option.
  • Export Selected Folder: To export some Folders of Lotus Notes check this option

Step 6

To export selected data from Mails, Calendars, Tasks & Journals check Apply Filter which aid in the conversion of data of particular time period

Step 7

Check the option Exclude Duplicate Contacts to omit duplicate entries of contacts

Step 8

Advance Settings: To save Internet Header, HTML Formatting & Doc Links tick the checkboxes. Choose Remove Encryption if you have applied encryption on your NSF file.

Step 9

Click on Email Address Translation shows the option of Set SMTP Manually. Select the option & filled the required SMTP address to convert Notes Canonical Name

Step 10

To reduce the size of large PST file check on Split Options for Outlook Data File which aid to create PST files of required size in MB & GB. Selecting all click on Export tab

Step 11

In this step conversion procedure starts and the software exhibits the Final Report of Each Folder. Click on OK for next step

Step 12

To save the report in CSV format click on mentioned Save option & view the details by opening the file